Bartosz Maciejewski Photography

Art photographer. His field is artistic photography, press, business and fashion. The main theme of his pictures is the big city and the human being in it. He cooperates with several Polish publications.


He is the author of five exhibitions. The first is SAMI which presents several portraits depicting the lonely, the homeless of New York, New Jersey, Liverpool, Warsaw and Dublin. The second, ZNIKAJĄCY HARLEM (Reportage Institute in Warsaw), presents a contemporary picture of New York's Harlem, the district which goes through ethnic and cultural evolution. Third, URBAN JUNGLE (Rabbithole Art Room) shows a surrealistic view on contemporary urban jungles in which the human being and the city are in two separate, parallel worlds. A more recent exhibition IN A BUBBLE (Reportage Institute/ Borowski Gallery) presents a picture of the modern metropolis - and in it, individuals, inwardly silent, deep in thought, alienated. The latest photos were presented as the series called LONDON OUTSIDER (Prague Connoisseur Center) showing the great metropolis from the inside, literally.